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Three Times She Slept, and Once She Didn't- Part 2

Three Times She Slept, and Once She Didn’t

:bulletpurple: Part Two: Baby Bird :bulletpurple: 

It was boiling hot: nearing a raging 109 degrees . . . and Lyn was shivering. This wasn’t due to normal reasons such as being cooled by a good AC or being scared with goosebumps, but rather from the nasty bout of fever. What had started as a simple sniffle had become a cold, and the cold had transformed into a fever and chills. Though the young woman’s skin burned visibly, she was freezing. From the depths of her thick winter hoodie and denim pants she curled into herself, breathing labored as she subconsciously fought to stay warm. With murky brown eyes the girl slowly looked across the room, from where she lay miserably on her couch, towards the kitchen where she could hear the soft clinking of pots and pans.
“Sire, please come back. . . You don’t have to cook for me just because I’m sick,” the woman said whi
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 17 20
Business units and subsidiaries of Templin Keppe by DawnofVictory2289 Business units and subsidiaries of Templin Keppe :icondawnofvictory2289:DawnofVictory2289 47 4 blue diamond su by HimawariError blue diamond su :iconhimawarierror:HimawariError 126 4
(RQ) Sick!France x Reader: You are an Angel
Francis groaned hoarsely into his pillow. Another grating cough shook his body, making his throat hurt even more. He hated getting sick. Somehow, despite his efforts to boost his immune system, he had caught the bad bug that circulated through the high school. He felt like crap, and knew it reflected in his appearance. Even though he managed to shower that morning, he didn't have the strength to shave or brush out his hair. Francis just crawled back into bed and curled up into a ball.
He tried watching a movie on his TV, only to fall asleep once again. The eighteen year old woke up an hour later, feeling worse, now with a stuffed up nose and a headache. Francis shot his mom a text, asking her to bring home some medicine and cough drops. He hated bothering her at work. She was a busy woman working as a manager for an art gallery in the city mall. To his relief, she replied seconds later, telling him she'd do just that. Francis thanked her, and tried to busy himself with something that d
:iconautumn-maple:Autumn-Maple 301 56
Jeff the Killer X Reader pt.7

Jeff's P.O.V
My eyes widen more than ever when I heard that
"What about her dad Slendy?" I growled
"Her dad is looking for her everywhere and Masky and Hoodie heard that he will start searching here and if he finds her here..." Slendy said.
"He will kill us all." I mumbled.
Slendy puts his hands on my shoulders. "Smile child, I know how much you like this girl but it's too risky for us to keep her here." Slendy said.
I put my head down in disappointment and brought it up really fast with a giant grin on my face.
"I have an idea." I said.
"What it is, child." Slendy said.
"What if he's too scared to come in here. I mean, you are the most powerful creature ever and maybe we could bring nightmares to life so they won't ever search here ever again." I said, smiling.
Slendy thought for a moment and said "Hmmm....that could work but what nightmares are we going to bring child?"
:iconhoodiegirl924:hoodiegirl924 203 119
OC Sketches by BittersweetHorizon OC Sketches :iconbittersweethorizon:BittersweetHorizon 24 92 Warrior's Way by Marawuff Warrior's Way :iconmarawuff:Marawuff 1,002 30 Warsong by Toosan Warsong :icontoosan:Toosan 2,091 47 Jareth by Eldanis Jareth :iconeldanis:Eldanis 2,998 413 Coca-Cola Custom Pony by FlyingPony Coca-Cola Custom Pony :iconflyingpony:FlyingPony 751 163 Koi by tyrannorus Koi :icontyrannorus:tyrannorus 30 14 Lycoris by fernesian Lycoris :iconfernesian:fernesian 4 0 Macabre by WellWornTraveller Macabre :iconwellworntraveller:WellWornTraveller 2 0 Forest Dragon Eye by FusedElegance Forest Dragon Eye :iconfusedelegance:FusedElegance 129 13 Cherry Blossom Necklace by GrandmaThunderpants Cherry Blossom Necklace :icongrandmathunderpants:GrandmaThunderpants 85 8 Kim Possible by Ray-D-Sauce Kim Possible :iconray-d-sauce:Ray-D-Sauce 168 15



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 Who else?  BittersweetHorizon  lol


You should say 13 things about yourself.

You must answer the 13 questions asked by the person who has tagged you, as well as, create 13 questions for the people you'll tag.

Choose 13 people YOU have to tag. [ IT HAS TO BE 13 PEOPLE! And don't write: "If you have read this, you have been tagged!"]

Make sure they know they have been tagged.
You are allowed to tag whoever tagged you.

                                                    13 things about myself???
1.  I'm learning to speak Irish and plan on learning French, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese and several other languages in the near future!
2. I have 5 pets... 3 dogs, a cat and a fish....
3.  I'm computer savvy... but unlucky with how many get broken....
4. I have very few friends by choice... some ppl just suck....
5.  I'm a HUGE music lover! 
6.  I've started up a youtube channel with  my brother... no videos yet due to computer and time issues but hopefully we will get it up soon.
7.  I was trained sing opera... yes... and its harder than it looks
8.  I'm a huge anime/manga nerd....
9.  I can play 3 instruments and am working on a 4th
10.  I draw a LOT, just no scanner to place things up online....
11.  I'm a witch.... I guess....
12.  I sew and design my own clothes for the most part... and even got nicknamed "rarity" thanks to one of my friends who loves MLP
13. I love comics of all kinds too >< 


        (OK! Jeez.... since you asked SOOOOO nicely)

1. Have you read Lunar Chronicles? by Marissa Meyer? Will you read it if you have not?  No and maybe... I keep pretty busy as is lol ><

2. Do you like Sugar? or Spice? or everything nice?  Powerpuff girls.... really??

3. Describe yourself. More words the better. *holds a pair of scissors*  Ummm, I try to be fun but end up being boring as hell... I write, read, draw, sing, dance, act and all sorts of things.... I get told that I draw like tim burton a LOT... I also bake and decorate cakes ^^ and even made my mothers wedding cake for her now 3rd marriage.  I keep to myself most of the time until I find another unique individual who can match my interests and then I go crazy with them ^^... that's about the extent of me... I'm boring XD

4. Seriously guys. Do you hate being a bystander in any situation??
WHAT IS ACTUALLY WRONG IN OUR SYSTEM ??? (What I mean to say , what is technically wrong in our lives)
Honestly, I'm only a bystander until things get out of hand... I step in when I think it's enough or immediately when I know the situation will turn bad... or when bullies are involved....

5.Who is your Favourite Artist in dA?  You are of course ^^ but I really don't have one....

6. What is your Favourite Tv series(s) orAnime(s)?  o god that's a loaded question!  O.O I love anime and I REALLY have trouble choosing just one as well as the few series I watch...

7. What is your Favourite Bloggers in Wordpress or tumblr ? I don't really go onto either of those sites ><

8. Any Celebrity you plan on kidnapping in the near future?  Probably Markiplier.... He's and inspiration and I would LOVE to meet him... (or shove him in my closet and feed him pancakes from under the door lol jk)

9. What do you think about my god-sent glorious art skillz. Anything I could do to improve or change? ( I don't mind some bitterness in your criticisms.)   O I love your stuff and you know it ><

10. Have you lost anything in your life which you regret?  a crystal heart that was my great aunts, and some of my grandmothers jewelry but that was my mom who stole that soooo eh....

11. YOU GOT JAMS>??   *backs away slowly*
I GOT JAMS [link]@

12. Who is your Favorite Vocaloid?  I cant pick one.... >< I like them all ><

13. Recommend me a good movie to watch. I CHOOSE YOU LITTEN! Icon

Phantom of the opera
memoirs of a geisha
anything involving how to train your dragon
winters bones
the dark crystal
theres a few at least lol 

                                     I really don't have 13 friends to tag  sooooo I'm breaking the rules.... ><
here you go BittersweetHorizon 


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I draw as a hobby, and also do digital art at times. I dabble in a little bit of everything.


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